When Should I Power Rake?

Anytime Yard care recommends power raking during the early spring before the new growth has begun, but power raking is also effective in the fall time. We also recommend power raking anytime you want to over-seed your lawn, the power rake will allow the seed to reach the soil and it will help loosen the soil to allow the seed a chance to germinate. If you have considered over-seeding your lawn, the optimal time to power rake would be the early spring to beat the heat of the summer or early fall to allow the seeds enough time to germinate.

 Why Power Rake?

A natural consequence of healthy turf is thatch, the layer of dead and dying grass underneath the healthy grass blades.Thatch is normal; however, an excessive amount of thatch is not good for the health of your lawn. If the grass grows too thick, its roots tend to grow into the thatch rather than into the soil. The thatch doesn't contain water or nutrients, so it can't provide the nutrients and moisture that your turf needs to maintain a healthy look.